Capturing The Scene Navigating Event Photography
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Capturing The Scene Navigating Event Photography

Preparing for a workshop I'm leading tomorrow about Capturing the Scene. Unsure if it is open to the public but if you wanted to come just message me and I'll send you the location/time details, would love to see familiar faces.

"Who are you photographing when you go to an event that focuses on gentrification? What moments will you want to immortalize from this real place and bring to a larger audience? In an effort to radicalize artwork, we must weaponize our work and that starts with controlling the story through our media. Tyahra Angus has been doing event photography for the past four years under the name Afrocentered Media, traveling and documenting events: Music, burlesque, plays, panel discussions, fashion shows, kick-backs, town meetings, pride festivals, gallery openings, immersive theater projects, and much more. The art of capturing the essence of an event and rules of engagement when it comes to using the images of these folks to create a photo that could now represent a moment in time forever are just a few things that will be discussed in this workshop. There is also an art to observation, waiting and watching at the right place at the right time, and how to still utilize the shots where you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you are unsure of how to get into a space and document the area around you, quickly and efficiently this is the perfect workshop to gain advice about getting into documentary photography and pseudo curation. "

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