Photos of Tyahra by Saadia Naadira:

Make Up by Saturn IG: saturnmakeup

Graphic Illustration on Photo by Noah Grigni



Check out the interview I did with HoodGrownAesthic (ITunes / SoundCloud) May 2018, discussing what lead me to photography as a medium and my aspirations to document black people who make silent histories. 

Check out another episode of HoodGrownAesthic (ITunes / SoundCloud) December 2018, where I cohosted a discussion about local art, black women making history, and representations in our media regarding black queer life.

Check out this feature on this episode of the Whitest Cube from January 2019: β€œIn our Voices from the Void series we get inside the minds of the gallery attendants watching YOU. In this episode we hear from Tyahra Angus, former Visitor Assistant at the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston and local photographer.”